What to do when your supply teaching job ends

what do do when your supply teaching job ends

Once your contract end date is confirmed, ensure that we know so we can start seeking your next great job with Axcis. Credit Flickr CC

One of the most stressful times for a supply teacher or support worker is when a supply teaching job ends. You’ve spent days, weeks, months or even years working with the children in your groups, and it’s time to say good bye. For any member of school staff, that’s often an emotional time. Add to that the potential stress of handing the role over to another member of staff and trying to secure your next assignment and you have a recipe for what can be a difficult time for many contract workers. Here are some tips on ending your contract as smoothly as possible and ensuring that you obtain your next role quickly.

1 – Once you know your supply teaching job is ending

If Axcis or your school inform you that your supply teaching job is coming to an end, never wait until your last day to start seeking your next role. Send us your updated CV and availability date immediately so we can start to contact schools and work on securing your next position for you. Don’t forget to browse our jobs pages and apply for anything that looks suitable, too. You should also ask your current placement school if they are prepared to do a reference for you and if so ensure that you have the details for your records.

2 – Inform other relevant parties

At this point, you should probably have a discussion with your school as to whether they would be happy with you informing the children you work with that you will be moving on. In the special needs sector, some students may be very disrupted by the thought of you leaving, and it might be better not to tell them. In other scenarios, children may need time to process the fact that you are moving on, so discuss with the school the best course of action and ensure that you follow it.

what do do when your supply teaching job ends

Saying goodbye to your students is never easy – keep the transition smooth with these tips. Credit Flickr cc

3 – Ensure all marking is done and returned

Check, then double check that you have handed all work back to the regular class teacher. It can be extremely stressful for the school or for the children concerned if you fail to return their work to them before you leave at the end of your contract. So even if you’re sure you have returned everything, have a good check through your desk/home/car just to be on the safe side.

4 – Ensure any handover paperwork is completed

It’s of paramount importance that you do a thorough handover of your work with the member of staff taking over your role. If this is not possible, talk to the HOD/HOY and give them your notes. This will ease the transition for the students from one member of staff to another. Your notes might include where they are in the syllabus but it may also involve comments about behaviours, triggers, medications etc.

5 – Return keys/door cards and any other school property

Never walk away from your assignment with a set of keys as this can cause a huge cost to the school if they have to replace their locks as a result. Text books, laptops and any other material you have been lent needs to be given back promptly as failure to do so could impede the transition for the new member of staff as well as the students concerned, as well as being a nuisance to the school (who you will want to provide you with a good reference!)

6 – Don’t forget to make a final timesheet check before you finish!

The last job you should do before you complete a contract with a school is to double-check that your timesheets are all in and up to date. You can do this via your consultant, or by checking your online timesheet portal. It’s easier to sort out missing timesheets now than it is to chase them in a few weeks time when you realise you’re missing some pay!


If you are seeking teaching or support work in a SEND setting and are not currently registered with Axcis, why not do it today? It’s free and takes just a few minutes to register on our website – what do you have to lose?

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