Meet the Axcis Payroll Team

If you work for Axcis, then you’ll know that each week you send in your timesheet so that we can get your pay to you. But who are the team working hard to ensure that the timesheets are accounted for, pay goes through smoothly and any problems get resolved quickly? Meet the Axcis payroll team, Jyoti and Tanisha.

About Jyoti and Tanisha

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Meet the Axcis Payroll team, Jyoti (left) and Tanisha (right).

Jyoti has been with Axcis for a number of years now. She started off working in vetting and administration for our London office. In this role, she worked with our candidates to ensure compliance paperwork was in order and our teachers and teaching assistants could work as quickly as possible after registering with Axcis. After Jyoti returned from maternity leave, she moved to our payroll function so that she could bring her knowledge and experience of working with Axcis candidates to this side of the business. Tanisha joined her recently. She has plenty of experience working within a payroll department and came to Axcis to progress her carer and learn new skills. Tanisha is proving to be a friendly and helpful breath of fresh air who is a welcome addition to the team.

About the Axcis payroll process

As candidates who work for Axcis will already be aware, pay is processed on a weekly basis. Many of our clients opt for our online timesheet system, so candidates don’t even have to do anything! The school simply log into an online portal, fill in the days/hours worked and our payroll team are notified immediately. This means that there is no delay in getting pay processed when you work for Axcis. Candidates are even sent a copy of their timesheet in an email, so there is no worrying about whether it’s been received – you have an exact copy of what is going to be processed, so plenty of time to query it if there is anything amiss.


For the schools who would prefer not to complete our online timesheets, we also have a paper timesheet option. All our candidates need to do is fill the timesheet in and ask a senior member of staff to sign it. These can then be sent in to Axcis via fax or email. You can download copies of our timesheets from the Axcis website here. Top timesheet tip: Its best to send your timesheets in to Axcis payroll department over the weekend. This way you avoid being chased for your timesheets. However our payroll team are happy to remind you Axcis is missing your timesheet on a Monday afternoon. The cut off for timesheets is 6PM on Tuesday so we will need your timesheet in before then.


If you’d like to get in touch with our payroll team, just contact the London office today, they’ll be pleased to help.

Would you like to work for Axcis?

Axcis are on the lookout right now for teaching and support staff to work in special schools and alternative provisions across the country. So if you are looking for work, or know someone else who is, why not register or refer a friend to Axcis today?

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