Overseas Police Checks – what you need to know to teach in England and Wales

Are you an overseas trained teacher looking to work in England, or a British teacher who has been abroad? Do you need to know what the requirements for overseas police checks are? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!


Find guidance on overseas police checks here. Credit Flickr CC

Who needs an overseas police check?

  • You will need an overseas police check if you have lived, or been overseas for 3 months or more in the last 5 years. It must be dated no more than 3 months prior the date you left that country.
  • If you were overseas for 3months or more in the last 5 years, but didn’t stay in one place for 3 months because you were travelling then you don’t need a police check. However, in order to work for Axcis, you will need to show us the stamps in your passport, or copies of your tickets to prove your travel history.
  • Some countries do not provide police checks. In this case, a letter of good conduct should be provided by your employers from the country in which you were living.

Can Axcis process overseas police checks?

At Axcis, we can process Australian (nominal cost) or New Zealand (free of charge) police checks on your behalf. For advice on other countries please contact the relevant foreign embassy (details can be found www.fco.gov.uk/en/ ) or see below.

Register with Axcis and become connected to a network of special and mainstream schools in your area for work.

Register with Axcis and become connected to a network of special and mainstream schools in England and Wales for work.

Where can I find more information about overseas police checks?

Select the category below which corresponds to the country from which you wish to obtain a police check and click on the link. You will be directed to the official Home Office guidance pages.

Countries A-F

Countries G-P

Countries Q-Z


If you can’t find the country concerned in the guides above, try this link. If the country you are looking for is not available, please contact your local Axcis office for further guidance.

Overseas trained teacher jobs with Axcis

At Axcis, we work with lots of schools who are seeking overseas trained staff to fill their teaching and support vacancies. So, if you are considering making the move, why not register today, or take a look at our jobs pages to see which of our vacancies you’d like to apply for?

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