Looking for education jobs? 5 Reasons to choose Axcis for SEND

Are you looking for a teaching or support role? Do you feel worn down by endless application packs and trawling the newspapers and internet to find education jobs to apply for? Here are 5 reasons to give Axcis a try.

Come to Axcis for SEND Education Jobs
Find out how Axcis can help you to find your next teaching or support position in SEND

1 – It’s FREE

Registering with Axcis to find education jobs is completely FREE of charge – so what do you have to lose? It takes just 5 mins to complete our online registration form and from there it’s entirely up to you what you do next. You can simply be registered on our database in case the right job comes up for you, or you can book a consultation with one of our experienced staff. This is an opportunity to explore your skills and experience to ensure we are seeking the appropriate school and position for you.

Register now! What do you have to lose?

2 – We find education jobs on your behalf

Whether it’s a short-term supply role you’re after or a permanent post, our job at Axcis is to listen, understand, advise and then FIND you that perfect job. You can decide if you still want to explore other avenues, but it can’t hurt to have an experienced team on the hunt as well, can it? Why not give your local office a call today for a no obligation chat – if you get a good feeling about us then we’d be pleased to see how we can help you.

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3 – We negotiate on your behalf

Many people are not terribly confident when it comes to negotiating salary, benefits, hours or discussing any other factors which may influence your acceptance of a job offer. At Axcis, your personal consultant will do all of this for you, ensuring that you get the best possible deal when taking a new position. So why not take a look at our jobs pages and get applying today?

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4 – We support your professional development

Register with Axcis and become connected to a network of special and mainstream schools in your area for work.
Register with Axcis and become connected to a network of special and mainstream schools in your area for work.

We take our responsibilities as an employer seriously and offer a range of training and development opportunities. Each Axcis office runs twilight CPD sessions, ranging from Autism Awareness to Behaviour Management and always featuring a well regarded speaker with practical knowledge in their field of expertise. During school holidays, we also run courses such as Team Teach and Moving and Handling which will enhance your employment prospects. Axcis also has a growing online offering for those who struggle to get out of the house for training. We have a “SEND Resources” section on the website for those looking for information on specific SEND conditions or lesson plans/worksheets. We also offer some courses online – check our website or speak to a consultant for up to date information on this.

Check out our SEND resources

5 – We are nice!

Well – we think we are, anyway! From the first chat on the phone to meeting you in person, our priority is understanding your skills, experience and career goals so that we can provide you with useful, consultative advice on what education jobs will be right for you. Then, once we find you a role, we will never push you to accept it if you don’t feel that it’s right for you. We are a friendly team which is reinforced time and again by our current staff who refer friends and colleagues to us.

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