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Thank you so much. You guys literally turned my life around. I am so much happier than I was. I now feel like I have direction and feel so rewarded for what I am doing. I have never been happier. So I just want to say…thank you for coming to my rescue. You guys are an outfit with elan and you do it with care. Iain, London


Thank you Axcis for the amazing support you’ve given me over the last 2 years. Registering with my consultant was easy and you’ve kept me working consistently. I have loved the variety of schools I’ve been able to try out and am really excited about the permanent contract I’ll be starting next year. I’d have never thought PRU work would have suited me, but my consultant understood my skills and convinced me to give it a go and I’ve never looked back. You’ve re-invigorated my love for teaching, so THANK YOU! Jenny, Birmingham


I contacted Axcis because I wanted help to find a special needs job in London – they were fantastic and really supported me every step of the way. They listened to what I felt comfortable doing and placed me in some really lovely schools. I will never forget my teaching experience in the UK – thank you Axcis! Emma, Queensland


The decision to join Axcis is honestly the best move I’ve made recently career-wise. The work has equipped me with so much experience, which will stand me in good stead for any future teaching I do. Sarah, Midlands


I joined Axcis because I was new to special needs teaching but they assured me that they could provide training and support. I attended an Autism Awareness seminar with them, which was really useful. I also did Team Teach, which was extremely valuable when I went to work in a pupil referral unit for Axcis and some of the children had physical outbursts at times! Although some of my time in the UK was challenging, I feel that I am a more balanced teacher and have some fantastic new skills to take home to Canada with me. Jon, Ontario


Thanks to Axcis I have been able to gain a broad range of experiences of schools in specialist contexts, this has helped me to develop as a specialist SEN teaching practitioner and gain the experience needed to gain a permanent SEN teaching position where over fifty other candidates had applied. Matt, Liverpool


I come from a special needs background, so was looking for an agency who understood the sector and could ensure I was placed in a school where my skills could be used to the best effect. Although other agencies said they dealt with special needs, I found that Axcis had the broadest range of jobs, and placed me very quickly in a lovely school which suited my autism background. I think it helps that they sponsor the National Autistic Society and have access to their training and events. Claire, Auckland


As a part-time actor, I find the flexible supply work that Axcis offer me to be a really useful thing! I’ve worked on and off, in between stage work for Axcis for a number of years now, and they almost always keep me busy on days I am free for work. I’ve done some really useful training, including Team Teach with Axcis which has helped to make sure I have the skills needed to work in a range of different schools. In my situation, supply work is ideal and Axcis do a brilliant job of looking after me. Jack, London


I just wanted some casual supply work while I travelled around Europe, and Axcis said they could offer me a guaranteed supply work contract. This meant that I got paid every day, even if I didn’t work and was able to do day to day and short-term cover work during term-time, and travel during weekends and school holidays – it worked out perfectly and allowed me to see Europe without coming home to an empty bank account! Ryley, Brisbane

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