Meet the Axcis Vetting Team

Compliance is a serious business here at Axcis – we undertake a range of rigorous checks on all the lovely teachers and support staff who work for us. But who are the team working away in the background making sure the paperwork is all in hand so people can work as quickly as possible after registering with Axcis?

Helen Hughes, Head of Vetting, Logistics and Marketing for Axcis

Helen Hughes, Head of Vetting, Logistics and Marketing for Axcis

The Managers

Helen Hughes and Stacey Huntley manage our vetting and compliance team across the company. Helen is based in Liverpool and Stacey is in London. Both have worked for Axcis for a long time and make sure they stay up to date with all the latest developments regarding vetting (things like changes to visa arrangements, QTS applications and any other relevant developments). Between them, these ladies also manage to stay on top of our marketing and payroll arrangements, so their days can be very busy indeed! Fortunately, they are supported by a focussed, committed and conscientious team who work their socks off to make sure that after registering with Axcis, our staff can be work-ready as quickly as possible. Some are even cleared for work on the day they come in!

Stacey Huntley, Vetting and Payroll Manager for Axcis

Stacey Huntley, Vetting and Payroll Manager for Axcis

Now that’s good going!

Who else is on the vetting team?

Each of our offices have their own dedicated vetting person (or team in the case of our head office in London!) This means that it is very difficult for any candidates to slip through the net, and also means that our clients and candidates can speak to the same person each time they call to ask any questions or check any details regarding our vetting process. This is far preferable to us at Axcis than out-sourcing our compliance, as many other companies do. It allows us to maintain a second-to-none quality control process (all files are re-checked by a manager before they are given the all-clear to work). This is why we thought it would be nice to put faces to the names of the people who work so hard to make this happen.

Meet the Axcis Regional Vetting Team - Lyndsey, Holly, Claire and

Meet the Axcis Regional Vetting Team – Lyndsey,  Holly, Jen and Claire (clockwise from top left)

Regional Team

The Axcis regional team is made up of 4 vetting administrators. They are; Holly for Axcis Midlands, Claire for Axcis Bristol, Lyndsey for Axcis Liverpool and Manchester and Jen in Wales. Although these guys are spread far and wide across the country, the lovely Helen Hughes ensures that the team have a sense of unity and communicate regularly with each other. It’s always great to share ideas and examples of what’s working well so that good practice can spread throughout the company. This team do a brilliant job and also often help to deal with queries from schools, and even help to fill bookings for supply staff when it gets busy in the office. Hats off to such an adaptable and hard-working bunch – without you, we wouldn’t have any staff to send out for work in the regions!

The London Team

Meet the Axcis London vetting team

Meet the Axcis London Vetting Team – Clair, Hannah, Ayla, David, Jack and Rochelle (clockwise from top left)

The London office is our oldest and most established part of the business. It is home to a team of around 15 consultants and account managers as well as our other administrative functions. The phone is never quiet and it can be a very fast-moving office indeed! That’s why our vetting team in London consists of six people. They are; Clair who is the Team Leader, Ayla, Rochelle, Hannah and David who are full-time vetting administrators and Jack who is in charge of scanning, filing and archiving files once they have been cleared. Together, this team see around 20-30 candidates a week and must get all of them cleared for work as quickly as possible. The team are like a well-oiled machine and understand exactly what they need to do in order to get these teachers and support staff cleared for work within hours or days, but without compromising quality and attention to detail. It can be a tough balance to strike, but these guys do it, and they do it well!

The Axcis vetting sheet

Once registered and cleared for work, candidates are offered assignments with Axcis. When they first visit a new school on our behalf, the school is provided with a vetting sheet which summarises all of the checks which have been carried out on our teachers and support staff. These sheets also have a photograph on them to give schools complete peace of mind that all relevant compliance is in place. These sheets can also come in very handy when Ofsted come knocking…! For an example of our vetting summary sheet, why not contact your local office today?

Do you want to work with Axcis?

If you’re interested in registering with Axcis for work, or if you’re based at a school which is struggling to recruit high quality SEND staff, why not find out how Axcis can help? After all, we are market leaders in our sector with industry knowledge and relationships which you just won’t find anywhere else.

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