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Candidate of the Term - Spring 2016 logoAt Axcis, we are extremely proud of the fantastic work our SEND teachers and support staff do every day in the classroom. We know that being a supply worker isn’t easy; often you are thrown in the deep end with challenging classes and little time to read up on school policy or procedure and your work could end at any given moment. And yet, we hear so much fantastic feedback about our candidates that we decided to run a “Candidate of the Term” award. Here are a few of the nominations we’ve had so far for our Spring 2016 Awards.

Valerie – working for Victoria in our Bristol office

Val has gone above and beyond her role as a TA by supporting trips out of school hours and attending school functions to ensure the children could attend and excel.  Val has given up her own time to ensure the wellbeing and enjoyment of the pupils is maintained and met.  In the school setting she is dedicated to help each pupil despite disabilities reach their full potential with praise, reward and encouragement.  She has been a truly amazing member of staff and a great team member.

Peter and Tessa – working for Helena in our London office

Peter and Tessa Yardley, are both always willing to do whatever it takes, even when tessa fell off her bike she wanted to stay as she was being a nuisance!!!!

Ryan – working for Lydia in our Midlands office

Has very much grown in confidence, skills and knowledge during time at Higford through taking on board advice from staff. Works very effectively as part of a team but also confident in lone-working with students


Sarah – working for Lydia in our Midlands office

Fantastic energy and enthusiasm working with students with complex autism, Including empathic support for self-injurious behaviour and aggression towards others. High quality team player In her work with colleagues – both listening to and following multi-professional guidance but also offering own ideas and showing appropriate initiative

Angela – working for John in our Midlands office

Angela has been with us for almost 12 weeks. She was taken on to help assist a little boy 1-1 in reception class; helping him integrate into the class and cope with normal day to date routine in school. She has surpassed this role, and the child joins in with most sessions. She works well in encouraging him back in to class if he wobbles ! She helps small groups and other children who are struggling with sessions. She even stayed back when it was the school visit to the Theatre, to work with children who couldn’t cope with the theatre. If we could clone Angela, to help in other classes, we would !

Sarah – working for John in our Midlands office

Sarah is excellent wherever she teacher in school. She has covered a maternity leave post with Year 9 pupils, and now a very challenging class of pupils who are six and seven years old for two days each week. She also covers day to day supply, and cheerfully moves around the school, supporting pupils with challenges to a very high level. Her organisation and planning are excellent, and she is an excellent team player. She gains respect from teaching assistants by showing professionalism, but also by stepping in when problems arise. She has taken an active part in staff meetings, training,annual reviews, PEP/LAC meetings, the Easter Play and special assemblies; always going above and beyond. Sarah has many talents, and recently introduced an Art project to a group of lower ability pupils, writing this up in detail to enable them to gain accreditation from it. I sometimes moan about the quality of some of the supply staff that come into our school, but Sarah is an asset and deserves to be recognised for her exceptional hard work.

Angela – working for Tracey in our Midlands office

For the hard work she put into the valentine book.  This took a lot of her own time and was a lovely thing to do for both staff and young people.

Dale – working for Louise in our London office

Dale is hardworking, enthusiastic, cheerful, perceptive to the needs of a wide range of pupils and has excellent de-escalation skills!  He is always willing to go the extra mile, he uses his initiative and is a ray of sunshine!

Do you have a fantastic member of staff from Axcis? Nominate them today! Credit Flickr CC

It’s not too late to nominate!

Simply email if you have an Axcis contractor you’d like to nominate for an award. There are two awards available for the term – one for London, and one for our Regional offices. The prizes are £75 in shopping vouchers – intended for the winners to treat themselves to something nice! The deadline for entries is Monday 14th March, with winners to be announced a few days later. When you contact us, you’ll need to state the name of the contractor, along with the name of the school they are working in. We’d also like a short statement on why they should be considered for the award – it doesn’t need to be an essay – just a sentence or two. All nominees will receive a certificate of appreciation, so even if your Axcis contractor doesn’t win, don’t worry – they’ll still know they are appreciated, and this is what it’s all about, after all!

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