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Candidate of the Term - Spring 2016 logoAt Axcis, we are extremely proud of the fantastic work our SEND teachers and support staff do every day in the classroom. We know that being a supply worker isn’t easy; often you are thrown in the deep end with challenging classes and little time to read up on school policy or procedure and your work could end at any given moment. And yet, we hear so much fantastic feedback about our candidates that we decided to run a “Candidate of the Term” award. Here are a few of the nominations we’ve had so far for our Spring 2016 Awards.

Tamar, working for Leah in our London Office

Tamar is an all-round fantastic member of our department.  She is thoroughly reliable, efficient and diligent member of our department.  Tamar can change course at a moments notice and still have a smile on her face!  Her flexibility is much appreciated and necessary in a big department such as ours.

Mark, Lejla and Sudha, working for Martin in our London Office

These candidates are all committed to the pupils and school, go the extra mile, use their own initiative and continue too improve themselves and the learning of the children

Christine, working for Lydia in our Midlands Office

Christine is always here. Here earlier than most of us in school in fact. She is always prepared for anything I ask her to do within our school setting. Her day can range from teaching 5 year olds in class, swimming with year 8 and supporting within our sixth form and she embraces it all in only the way Chris can. She will go and do anything that is required of her and will deal with all the changes a busy school like ours has. Chris is well liked and respected.

Barry, working for Jamie in our Wales office

I would like to nominate Barry, he has been superb!

Do you have a fantastic member of staff from Axcis? Nominate them today! Credit Flickr CC

It’s not too late to nominate!

Simply email if you have an Axcis contractor you’d like to nominate for an award. There are two awards available for the term – one for London, and one for our Regional offices. The prizes are £75 in shopping vouchers – intended for the winners to treat themselves to something nice! The deadline for entries is Monday 14th March, with winners to be announced a few days later. When you contact us, you’ll need to state the name of the contractor, along with the name of the school they are working in. We’d also like a short statement on why they should be considered for the award – it doesn’t need to be an essay – just a sentence or two. All nominees will receive a certificate of appreciation, so even if your Axcis contractor doesn’t win, don’t worry – they’ll still know they are appreciated, and this is what it’s all about, after all!

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