Top 5 Tips from Network Autism: Transition from education to employment

How can support young people with autism when they move from education to employment? Check out the following five useful tips for professionals.

About Axcis and Network Autism

443_NetworkAutism_Logo_BOX ONLY_RGB_NAS-Purple_HigHRes-300dpi_24At Axcis, we are very proud to say that we are long-term supporters of the National Autistic Society. We have been their largest individual corporate sponsor for some years now. As part of our partnership, they have been able to develop Network Autism, which is funded entirely by Axcis sponsorship. It is a UK wide autism specific collaboration with international reach. It is a dedicated, supported space where all those seeking to develop and contribute their skills, knowledge and practice in the area of autism can come together to network and share good practice. The unique multi-disciplinary and multi-national nature of this space enables cross fertilisation of ideas and experience that over time could lead to the development of innovative practice and drive change across the autism sector.


We are thrilled to share these tips recently published on their website, written by Graham Quinn:


Transitioning from education to employment

1. Within school, introduce and reinforce the concept of employment from the earliest possible time.

2. Employ specialist staff to work with businesses and the young people.

3. Ensure the curriculum has ‘employment golden threads’ running through it.

4. Set up a Director/Governor Transition Board to monitor and evaluate each individual learner.

5. Externally promote the achievements of the young people who are volunteering and in paid employment at every possible occasion.


These top tips are meant only a very general guide to what to think about. You can find further information on this subject below.

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