Overseas Trained Teachers – why should you work for Axcis?


Calling all overseas trained teachers – the UK needs you! Credit Flickr CC

Are you an overseas trained teacher considering making the move to the UK? Are you baffled by which agency you should sign up with? Read on to find out what Axcis has to offer, and why you should consider teaching children in the special educational needs sector.

Who are Axcis?

Axcis are the foremost suppliers of special needs staff to mainstream and specialist schools in the UK. We have offices nationwide and work with a range of candidates, from TAs and Teachers to Therapists and School Leaders. We believe “to do well, we must do good”. This philosophy is reflected in our stringent recruitment methods and strong school relationships as well as our charitable support and partnerships. We would love to hear from you if you are seeking employment in this sector.

Why should I work for Axcis?

With so many agencies to choose from, it can be hard to figure out

At the Minds@work fair

Our friendly staff will look after you every step of the way to teaching in the UK!

which one is right for you. At Axcis, we recruit staff exclusively for the special educational needs sector. This means that we work with mainstream schools as well as specialist schools, providing both teachers and support staff to support children who have additional needs. With staffing in the sector at a worryingly low level, UK schools desperately need you to support their special needs students. Don’t worry if you’ve not done this sort of work before as training and development can be provided by both Axcis and the schools we work with.

What do Axcis offer overseas trained teachers?

At Axcis we recognise that most teachers considering teaching abroad will be anxious about finding suitable work and accommodation quickly, among other things. Don’t fret! At Axcis we can support you in those areas in a range of ways. For example, our current offerings for overseas trained teachers are:

  • Axcis offers a very competitive Guaranteed Work Programme with up to 5 days guaranteed substitute work per week.
  • We provide you with a wide range of Special Education training opportunities so that you can continue to develop as a teacher.
  • We offer a package of exclusive Axcis deals and discounts on things like restaurants, travel, gyms and activities so that you can get settled and explore.
  • We organize regular social events so that you can meet other teachers and make new friends.
  • A simple 2 minute form could end up leading to your dream job - so come and find us at the fair!

    Find us at your local university careers fair, or register online to get things moving!

    Free UK SIM card to help you stay in touch.

  • Free London Underground Oyster Card.
  • Assistance with finding a place to live.
  • Help getting set up with a bank account and tax (national insurance) number so you can start earning as quickly as possible!

What is the next step?

If this all sounds good so far, why not get in touch with our overseas team? Simply send across an email with your CV attached and they’ll get in touch to chat to you about your personal circumstances and to see how we can assist.

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