Irish Teachers – Axcis need you to teach in the UK! Come and see us at the NUI Galway fair!

irish flagWith teaching vacancies far out-stripping the supply of teachers in England and Wales, Axcis are heading to Ireland over the coming months to attend recruitment fairs and find teachers keen to secure work in the UK. The situation in Ireland is such that they face the opposite problem – not enough jobs for their teachers, so finding work in England and Wales is the perfect solution. On the 19th January, Emily and Mat from Axcis Education will be exhibiting at the NUI Galway University teaching careers fair. Find out why you should come and chat to us about how we can help you to find a teaching job in the UK.

Who are Axcis?

Axcis are the foremost suppliers of special needs staff to mainstream and specialist schools in the UK. We have offices nationwide and work with a range of candidates, from TAs and Teachers to Therapists and School Leaders. We believe “to do well, we must do good”. This philosophy is reflected in our stringent recruitment methods and strong school relationships as well as our charitable support and partnerships. We would love to speak to you if you are considering teaching children with special needs.

A simple 2 minute form could end up leading to your dream job - so come and find us at the fair!

A simple 2 minute form could end up leading to your dream job – so come and find us at the fair!

Why should Irish teachers work for Axcis in England and Wales?

  • There is a shortage of teaching jobs in Ireland, but a shortage of teachers in England and Wales, so we can offer you work which you might otherwise find difficult to secure at home in Ireland.
  • Axcis can offer work experience in a range of schools – so you can try out different environments before deciding on your preferred area of the education sector
  • We offer competitive rates of pay – as well as a guaranteed work scheme for those relocating to the UK, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll secure work – even if you don’t, we will pay you anyway!
  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of special needs – become a more rounded education professional
  • Potential to complete your induction/probation period – which will be valid back home in Ireland when you return
  • Excellent training and development opportunities, many of which are free of charge (and those we do charge for are at a highly discounted rate)
  • Flexibility with level of commitment required – if you want to work part-time and travel, we can work with you, or we can secure full-time roles.
  • Generous overseas trained teacher benefits package available to help you with your move. (Find out more on our blog or from our representatives at the fair)

Teaching children with special needs is rewarding, and gives you experience which can help to make you a more rounded and employable education professional. Credit Flickr CC

What If I don’t have special education experience?

It doesn’t matter if you have limited knowledge or experience of delivering the curriculum to children with special needs. At Axcis, what we are looking for is the right attitude, personality and willingness to learn. Many special needs schools are more than happy to take teachers on who meet these criteria, and we offer plentiful support and training to help you along the way. So don’t worry if you’ve not done this sort of teaching before, it can be highly rewarding, fantastic from a professional development perspective and helps to make you a more rounded and employable teacher when you return home, not to mention the fact that many special needs jobs pay more competitively than mainstream teaching roles!

What do other Irish teachers say about their experience with Axcis?

“I was struggling to find a teaching role in Ireland so decided to teach in England. I spoke to several agencies, but in the

Find out if Axcis is the right company for you – get in touch today! Credit Flickr CC

end decided to work with Axcis because they seemed to understand my situation and offered great support and training, which I knew would look great on my CV when I went back home. I spent 2 years teaching in London, and loved every minute of it! I learned so much, and although there were challenging days (show me a teaching job which doesn’t have those!), the experience I gained has really helped me to secure a permanent job back home in Galway, where I am now a full-time teacher in a school I love. Thank-you Axcis!” Aileen, Primary Teacher.

What if I’m interested but am not a student with NUI Galway University?

If you are a student, or graduate interested in working with Axcis, you can either call your local branch for a chat, or you can register online – it takes just 5 minutes and one of our consultants will be in touch. You’ll have a no-pressure chat about what you are looking for and what skills you can offer, and if we feel we can help you, and you feel that we are the right company for you, we will ask you to come in and have a registration interview. From there you could be out working as quickly as the next day!

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