7 Top Tips for Mainstream Teaching Assistants


The role of a mainstream teaching assistant can be both varied and rewarding. Credit Flickr CC

The role of the teaching assistant can vary greatly from school to school. These top tips are intended for teaching assistants who work in a mainstream setting, although they are of course relevant for many other settings, too.

An effective TA should always remember to:

  1. Reinforce the teacher’s expectations and behaviour management system
  2. Remind the child – in a positive way – of rules and how you/the teacher want them to behave
  3. Ensure the child’s understanding of instructions and how to succeed in the task
  4. Redirect the pupil back to the task when their attention wanders; give praise for perseverance
  5. Acknowledge every aspect of good behaviour – make sure the child knows you’ve noticed
  6. Anticipate when a ‘trigger point’ is approaching and step in quickly to avert a negative reaction
  7. Explain the choices that the child can make – and the consequences


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