Axcis Staff: How to update your availability for work

Keeping us up to date on your availability for work is essential. If we don’t know you are free, you are less likely to be offered work. Here’s how you can keep us informed.


Your online diary

Your online diary is by far the best way to keep us up to date regarding your availability. When you update it online, not only does your consultant receive a message to say your diary has been amended (thus keeping you in the forefront of their minds) but you are also automatically updated on our database, too. When we receive short notice day-to-day bookings, our system will match you to the job automatically if your diary is filled in and you suit the job, so it’s really important to make sure you keep it up to date. Here’s how to use it:


1 – Log in to the web site as usual

2 – Click on the “Supply Days” option

Click on "supply days"

Click on “supply days”

3 – This will give you a supply calendar (see below). Now simply click the days you are available to work (they should turn green). You can update up to 3 months at a time.

Highlight the days you are available green

Highlight the days you are available green

 4 – Now click on “save” or your changes will be lost!


Your consultant will be informed of your changes and you will now show as being available for work on this day.  However, it is also beneficial to call us at 7am if you are up and ready for work – this will keep you at the highest priority for work on that day!


Call, text or email

At Axcis, we appreciate that not everyone is tech-savvy – or the online diary system might simply not be convenient. If that’s the case for you, feel free to call, text or email us what days you are available each week, and we will update your online diary for you.

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