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Last week, Axcis ran another successful Team Teach training course, as well as showing support to our partners at the NAS at their “Autism and Communication” conference. Axcis Liverpool also went along to the Bolton University Careers Fair. Find out more about what happened at these events, as well as what else is coming up with Axcis.

NAS Autism and Communication Conference

Come and say hi at the Axcis stand. We'd love to speak to you!

Helen and Clair enjoyed chatting to lots of delegates on the Axcis stand.

On Tuesday, Helen from Axcis Liverpool went along to the National Autistic Society Conference on Autism and Communication with Clair from our South Yorkshire office. Many people with an ASD struggle to communicate, so this conference provided a valuable opportunity to hear about useful strategies to aid communication, as well as updates on some of the latest research in this field. As always, the NAS made sure that they provided a range of seminars aimed at those from different sectors so that everyone came away with something useful for their own personal practice.


At Axcis, we are proud to be the largest corporate sponsor of the NAS and we try to be at as many of their events as possible. In this way, we can provide support to anyone seeking help with their SEND recruitment needs. Helen and Clair enjoyed chatting to delegates about what we do and what makes us different from other agencies. To find out more, why not check out our recent blog on why we are “the ethical agency?”

Bolton University Careers Fair

Lots of students came to talk to Jayne and Gail on the Axcis stand.

Lots of students came to talk to Jayne and Gail on the Axcis stand.

On Thursday, Gail – our friendly manager from Axcis Liverpool went along to the Bolton University Careers Fair with Jayne from the Axcis Manchester office. Axcis can offer some fantastic work opportunities for those wishing to take up a career in special educational needs. From students looking for flexible, part-time work to fit around their studies, to those seeking a more long-term commitment, Axcis can help! Lots of students told us that they had heard about us and were keen to find out more – we hope to see them out working for us very soon!

Team Teach Training

Over the weekend, Axcis ran another highly successful Team Teach training course. The two days of training provided attendees with the skills to work more confidently with students who exhibit challenging behaviour. Team Teach equips those who undertake the course with strategies to de-escalate potentially volatile situations as well as restraint techniques (for when absolutely necessary). Many of the schools we work with at Axcis value this training as staff have a consistent, safe approach when dealing with students who can be unpredictable at times. If you’re interested in finding out more about Team Teach, why not take a look at this video and get your name down for our next course?


Upcoming Axcis Events

If you are interested in finding out about upcoming Axcis events, why not check out our Events Diary?


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