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443_NetworkAutism_Logo_BOX ONLY_RGB_NAS-Purple_HigHRes-300dpi_24Courtesy of our partners at Network Autism, we are pleased to be able to share with you some of the top recent articles from the world of autism.


Why is occupational therapy important for children with autism

In this article Corinna Laurie, specialist occupational therapist consulting at the NAS Helen Allison School and director of Evolve Childrens’s Therapy Services Ltd, explains what occupation therapy is and how it can help children with autism. Corinna explores the essential role of occupational therapy intervention for children with autism and gives examples of the therapeutic interventions and simple startagies to target sensory processing disorders.

Transition from secondary school to adulthood

In this article, Rachel Babbidge, Transition Support Coordinator at the NAS discusses how to prepare and support young people with autism and their families for the transition from secondary school to adult services. Rachel explores what steps we need to take and when, how we can empower families with information and how we ensure that these are well managed and positive changes in young peoples lives.

Could online schooling be a good option for some autistic children? Credit Flickr CC

A school without noise

In this article, Tony Sullivan, managing director of Academy21, discusses how attending an online school can provide a solution for children struggling in a mainstream classroom environment. Tony qualified as a teacher in 1978, and has spent the majority of his career specialising in the education of pupils with social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

Anxiety and autism in the classroom

In this article, autism specialist and autistic adult Sarah Hendrickx discusses the topic of anxiety and autism in education. Sarah suggests instead of seeing anxiety as a separate and distinct issue we should focus on anxiety coming from an autism root and tackle it from this perspective.

The SEND reform journey – where are we now?

In this article Lorraine Petersen OBE (Educational Consultant and previous CEO of NASEN) reviews the progress made since the SEND reform was introduced last year.

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