Axcis consultants will work for your school FREE to understand your recruitment needs

At Axcis, understanding the schools we work with is of paramount importance to finding the right staffing solutions. Credit Flickr CC

At Axcis, we understand the importance of understanding the schools we recruit for. We will always do our best to come and visit your school before recruiting staff on your behalf. In this way, we can see the environment, the children and the staff, and really get to grips with what our schools look for in their supply staff. As many of our consultants are ex-teachers and teaching assistants, we can also go the extra mile and come and work in a classroom for a day to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of the children and how they should be supported.


Misra, who works in our Bristol office did just that last week – she went along and spent some time in the classroom. It was a school she had not worked with before, and this is what she has to say about the experience:


I had been speaking to the head teacher of the school on and off for a while, and was keen to establish a working relationship as I really felt that Axcis had staff who would be superb for them. As any school receptionist will tell you, schools get lots of calls from agencies each week, so standing out from the crowd and showing how Axcis goes the extra mile can sometimes be tricky. I suggested to the head that I come in and do some work for a day, to really develop my understanding of the school and give him the confidence to try Axcis out next time he needed supply staff. He loved the idea, so in I went…


The school I visited caters for primary aged children who have autism and social, emotional and mental health issues, among other sorts of special needs. I attended some lessons as well as spending lunch and break time with the children. I was able to observe how the teachers and support staff interact with the pupils, what rewards and sanctions are used, and how potentially difficult situations are effectively de-escalated by the team. 


I found this experience to be fantastic in understanding not only how the school runs on a day to day basis, but also to understand the sorts of staff who will fit in well there, in terms of training, experience and attitude. This means I can now actively speak to candidates who are registered with Axcis, and who will be suitable for this school, as well as resourcing new staff with a specific place in mind for them to work.


The school can have the peace of mind that when a short-notice vacancy arises – even if it’s just for a day of sickness cover, I will know the staff we have who are suitable and available – and it will make the service I provide that much more effective. I definitely feel that this experience was of huge benefit to both Axcis and the school and look forward to working with them this winter.


If you work for a school which needs an agency like Axcis, why not get in touch with your local office today and arrange for one of our friendly consultants to come in for a chat – or even a day of work! That way, when you do need us, we will be ready and waiting with staff who will fit right in!



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