URGENT: The NAS need your support today – sign this letter!

As proud partners of the National Autistic Society, Axcis want to help spread the word about an important issue. 87% of campaigners for the charity told them that they or someone they know waited too long for an autism diagnosis. There are just two days left to sign this open letter calling on the Government to improve diagnosis waiting times, so don’t delay – sign it today!


Last month, the NAS were overwhelmed by the stories they received in response to a poll of their campaigners about diagnosis waiting times. Stories of avoidable mental health problems – people falling into anxiety and depression from being left waiting, and families breaking down under the strain of being left to look after loved ones without the desperately needed support. This is why we are calling upon you to help take action regarding this important issue.


The Government has made preventing mental ill health a priority. Right now, they are figuring out how to achieve that. We need to tell Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens that timely autism diagnosis is vital to this.


The NAS are acting to make a concrete difference to the lives of autistic people like Chris, who’s 35 and lives at home. Here’s what his mother Helen says:


When my son Chris was three, professionals said something wasn’t right with his development, but that was all they said and didn’t guide us towards further information. We then faced years of meeting numerous doctors and professionals who did not give us the information we were looking for.


After enduring bullying at college, he experienced the onset of depression which turned out to be far, far worse than his autism and learning disabilities.


Chris finally got a diagnosis when he was almost 26 and had become very mentally ill. I have no doubt that had we had a diagnosis sooner then we could have avoided the hideous condition of depression and all the misery and pain that entails.


Now is the time to tell the Government and the NHS that this can’t wait any longer.


Please sign the open letter and share it with as many people as possible to help us get our message heard loud and clear. We have just two days to make it happen.


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