Top news stories from our partners at Network Autism

Courtesy of our partners at Network Autism, we are pleased to be able to share with you some of the top recent news stories from the world of autism.

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Making lunchtimes a positive experience for pupils with autism

This interesting article discusses the difficulties those on the spectrum often experience at meal times and gives an account of how a west London special school has completely turned lunch times around with the help of a 45 year old Brazilian chef (who started his career as a journalist!).

Welsh government publishes draft Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Bill

This news story covers the draft Bill in Wales which sets out proposals for a new legislative system for supporting children and young people, aged 0-25, who have additional learning needs.

How Minecraft helps some children and young people with autism

This article from the Guardian talks about the game Minecraft, and how some parents of children with autism have seen communication skills increase as a result of playing it.

Transform autism education: a project for education professionals in the UK, Italy and Greece

Transform Autism Education is a three year development and research project funded by the European Commission. The aim is for researchers, practicitioners and policy makers in the UK, Italy and Greece to work together to increase the awareness, knowledge and skills of education professionals working with children aged 5 to 10. It is based on the Autism Education Trust (AET) national partnership between universities, local authorities, voluntary sector organisations and schools in England and looks to promote equity and inclusion in education.

Animals may help decrease anxiety in children with autism

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Animal lovers will like this one – a story published by Medical News Today discusses how contact with pets/animals can help to decrease social anxiety for individuals with autism. We always knew animals could have benefits when it comes to relieving stress – now research is suggesting it helps those on the spectrum, too.

New guide launched to help school and college staff better support young people with autism

A new guide has been launched which offers school and college staff advice on how they can better support young people with autism has been published by charity Ambitious About Autism.

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