Axcis/Network Autism Webchat #1 with Sarah Hendrickx a great success!

On the 22nd July 2015, Axcis embarked on another series of webchats with our key partner Network Autism (part of NAS). Sarah Hendrickx, independent autism trainer, consultant and coach, was our expert panellist and answered your questions on autism and education using the hashtag #autismedchat.


The session gave rise to many pertinent questions, which were duly responded to by Sarah. Network Autism have provided a summary of the webchat on Storify. In the meantime, here are a few of our personal favourites:

CATHERINE BATT@catherinejeanba

How do you get school to show interest in your child if they have an ASD diagnosis but no EHCP? Levels are good – so no help!

Sarah Hendrickx@sarah_hendrickx

Get them on side. Flatter them! Tell them how to get best from child by supporting autism. Cooperation is the way to go.

Carol Povey@CarolPoveyNAS
What would you suggest to help a child with autism who struggles with a hyper-sensitivity to smell?
Sarah Hendrickx @sarah_hendrickx
Finding a smell they like and allowing them to carry on cloth to mask unpleasant smells. Make child part of solution. My Mum was same. Carried Olbas Oil on tissue everywhere she went. Own smell = control

nafhan nuhair @nafhanuhair

how can an autistic child progresses to adulthood and blending in w/o facing the stigma regarding autism.

Sarah Hendrickx@sarah_hendrickx

Dont try to blend in! Stand out! be yourself! Self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

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