Axcis Tip of the Week: Ask for a copy of the Statement/EHC Plan

Tracey McCabe - Axcis Midands Branch Manager

Tracey McCabe – Axcis Midands Branch Manager

This week, our weekly tip comes from Tracey. Tracey is a Manager in our Midlands office and looks after a range of schools and candidates, as well as introducing Axcis to new SEND schools on a regular basis. As such, she often has plenty of short and long-term positions available which require a variety of skills and qualifications. Her tip is to always ask to see a copy of the Statement/EHC Plan when working with SEND students.


Schools often call us at very short notice to provide teachers or teaching assistants to step in and cover for absent members of staff. Sometimes this can be as late as 8am on the day. Bearing in mind that most schools start at around 8.30am, this means that our Axcis contractors often have very limited time to get to the school and learn as much as they can, about the school and the students they are to work with.


Although this may result in a rather hectic morning at school, as soon as you have a break, it’s a very good idea to seek out the SENCo and ask to see copies of the Statement/EHC plan for any students you are expected to teach or support. This can really help the rest of your day to go smoothly, and can also help to put you in a position where the school will be impressed by your work – and will be more likely to invite you back for further placements.


Of course, if you do know in advance about your placement, you should do the best you can to arrive at school nice and early on your first day in order to allow time to look at this important documentation. The Statement/EHC plan can provide you with critical information about the students you work with and how to best support them – so not only will it impress the school, but it’s likely to make the day less stressful for both yourself and the students in question, too!

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