Axcis tip of the Week: Get to know the SEND schools in your area

Tessa Ejehu, Consultant for Axcis London

Tessa Ejehu, Consultant for Axcis London

This week, our weekly tip comes from Tessa. Tessa is a Consultant in our London office and looks after a range of schools and candidates, as well as introducing Axcis to new SEND schools on a regular basis. As such, she often has plenty of short and long-term positions available which require a variety of skills and qualifications. Her tip is to get to know the SEND schools in your area.



Many candidates come to Axcis seeking to broaden their SEND experience. This is one of the fantastic things about doing supply work – you get to try out different schools before deciding where your niche is. However, we would recommend that you do some research and understand the different kinds of school in your area. At Axcis, we work with a range of different educational settings, from schools for children with moderate learning difficulties (MLD) to the more complex needs often found in autism or severe learning difficulty schools. Every school requires a very specific set of qualifications and skills, and even within the same school, the needs of the children can vary enormously – which clearly require staff with equal diversity!



It can be valuable to look into the schools in your area and understand which SEND schools cater for which sorts of needs, and what they look for in their staff. In this way, it can give you a head-start if you are called at short notice by Axcis to go along for a day of work.



If you come across a school which you feel you are particularly well suited to, we can even contact them on your behalf and tell them how keen you’d be to get work there – so don’t hesitate to let your consultant know if you spot such a school, you’d be helping us to help you!


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