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Logo_candidate of the term_v8At Axcis, we have massive appreciation for all the hard work our teachers and support staff do. Working with SEND children is very rewarding, but can also have it’s fair share of challenges. That’s why we wanted to give a “Candidate of the Term” award to two of our top workers. Find out who the winners are and what the schools they work in say about them.


The Nominees

We had lots of nominations for our “Candidate of the Term Summer 2015” Awards. Over the last few weeks, we have published some of the top comments and reasons for nomination. You can read them on our blogs. All of these individuals will receive a certificate of appreciation for their hard work:


Week 1 of Nominations

Week 2 of Nominations

Week 3 of Nominations


We were thrilled to have so many fantastic comments from the schools we work with, such as:

“Emma has done a very good job with us this year and I would nominate her. She has been reliable and professional. She has made a genuine difference with the child she has been working with who has made very good progress this year. She comes to meetings with me with relevant questions about how to improve what she is doing to get the best progress. She takes on board suggested strategies and resources and is able to get on independently with implementing these. She keeps me informed and updated about any relevant developments or concerns. The boy she has worked with this year has formed a very good relationship with her which has supported him very well through Year 6. He lacks confidence and has significant difficulties with communication and needs someone who can be patient and take the time to get to know him and draw him out of his shell. Emma has done this really well. I know the class teacher has been impressed with her from early on as she asked me to try and make sure that she stayed with us! So I am very pleased she has stayed with us all year and really appreciate all her efforts.” Emma – working for Amelia in our London office


The Winners

Winners were selected based on the comments received from the schools we work with. We never expected to receive quite so many lovely comments, so the final decision was really tough to make! However, we felt that two candidates stood out from the crowd, and were selected as our winners – one for London office and one from our regional teams. Here are the winners with their reasons for nomination and how they felt about their award:


“Miguel has acted and felt like a permanent member of the team from day 1. He has been enthusiastic, worked above and beyond what we would reasonably expect from a supply teacher and has taken the time to attend all manner of training and meetings so that he could more fully support the tutor group that he was assigned to. Miguel has been observed along with our other teachers and the standard of his lessons and teaching have impressed us all. For some time Miguel had an extremely complex and challenging young man in his tutor group and he has sought advice and guidance from more experienced practitioners to support his practice. A dedicated and thoughtful teacher who we are thrilled to welcome permanently to our team.” Nominee: Miguel – working for Helena in our London office

Miguel receiving his certificate and prize vouchers with Helena

Miguel receiving his certificate and prize vouchers with Helena (far right) and Jenny Rigby, Deputy Head of the school.

Miguel was surprised but very pleased to hear that he had been nominated, and sent us the following comment:


“Thanks a lot for your great, kind and endless support. I feel very pleased to see that my work has not gone unnoticed. I do not know what to say. It has been a great pleasure working through Axcis and I am convinced I would not have been able to get a contract with the school without Helena’s support. From the first day I could feel I was not left alone, but without TA’s work this had not been possible. Being nominated for my work is more than I had ever expected.”


“I am head of Centre at Ashborne. We have had Hyacinth working with us on a long term placement. For the first couple of weeks Hyacinth was quite quiet, but was just using this time to build relationships with the staff and children. Our environment requires great adaptability and Hyacinth works well in a range of very different classrooms. She is always willing to help and looks for extra ways to support and does things without being asked. We are lucky to have Hyacinth on the team and the children benefit from her calm, assured way of working.” Nominee: Hyacinth – working for Helen in our Midlands office

Hyacinth receiving her certificate and prize vouchers with Helen

Hyacinth receiving her certificate and prize vouchers with Helen from our midlands office and the Head of Centre at Ashbourne

Hyacinth was very touched to be recognised for her hard work and had the following to say about her placement and working for Axcis:


‘I’m really thrilled to have achieved the award’


‘I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working for Axcis and although it can sometimes be challenging working with children with behavioural needs it’s also really rewarding’


A huge thank-you from all at Axcis

Congratulations to Miguel and Hyacinth, our well deserved winners. And although we can’t give all of our contractors an award like this, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff who are out there, every day, working hard for the children they teach and support on behalf of Axcis. Your endeavours do not go unnoticed!

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