Nasen Live – a great success!

Axcis were proud to be sponsors of nasen Live last week. Find out more about the event here!


Gail at nasen Live last week

Axcis were thrilled to again sponsor this key event


As always, nasen Live was buzzing with activity – with 32 seminars on offer and plenty of information to assist those still getting to grips with the SEND reforms of last year, attendance was predictably high. Having anticipated this, nasen expanded the event this year to cater for twice as many delegates – making it the busiest nasen Live EVER!


At the Axcis stand

nasen live 2015 was the busiest yet!

nasen live 2015 was the busiest yet!


At the Axcis stand, many heads, SENCos and SEND teachers came to talk to us about their recruitment needs, from those coming to the end of a contract and looking for their next SEND supply role, to heads struggling to recruit specialist staff with the right training for their schools – our staff were on hand to give effective, professional advice, as well as an Axcis goodie bag!


A value-based talk to remember

As well as sponsoring the event, Axcis staff were pleased to give a talk about SEND recruitment practice, focussing on the importance of using value-based interviewing techniques to help head teachers to recruit staff with values aligned with that of the school/SEND education sector. This is an area supported by the NSPCC – you can find more information in our latest blog post in the “Axcis Guide to Good Recruitment Practice” series.

Support from the DfE was warmly welcomed

The two-day event was extremely well received by the vast majority of delegates. Many people commented that they are still struggling to get to grips with the 2014 Code of Practice, so an update from the DfE was warmly welcomed. As was the range of guidance and advice offered in the nasen theatre, where there was a good range of FREE CPD sessions.

Something FREE for everyone!

The Axcis stand at nasen Live 2015

The Axcis stand at nasen Live 2015 – with the lovely Helen and Hayley from Axcis Liverpool


Although the range of paid-for sessions was impressive, even those who decided to stick with the free offerings went home with plenty to think about, as well as a range of useful publications under their arms (or tucked in their Axcis goodie bag!)


Nasen are extremely well placed to offer such events, as they are the leading organisation in the UK which aims to promote the education, training, advancement and development of all those with special and additional support needs. Nasen reaches a huge readership through its journals: British Journal of Special Education, Support for Learning, Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs and the magazine Special. Nasen also offer fantastic training and support materials through the SEND Gateway. At Axcis, we are hugely proud of our relationship with nasen and hope that our commitment to our SEND partnerships and charitable relationships helps to reinforce our company mantra; “To do well, we must do good”. We are not “just another recruitment company!


When you consider how much bigger and better nasen Live 2015 was than the 2014 show, we can’t wait to see what nasen has in store for us in 2016!


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