Axcis Tip of the Week: Treat your Axcis Interview Seriously

This week, our weekly tip comes from Matt. Matt is an Account Manager for Axcis and works in the London office. This means that he works with some of our busiest schools and as such often has day to day work available in the mornings as well as long-term vacancies to fill. His tip is to treat your Axcis interview seriously.


Many candidates who register with us at Axcis have already registered with other agencies. As such, they are familiar with the process and often treat it very casually. This includes turning up late, dressing casually and zipping through the interview answers as quickly as possible.


While we do endeavour to put all candidates at ease, it should be remembered that this is still a formal interview process, and the first impressions you make with your consultant will carry through to which schools they may feel they can place you with. You should arrive on time (and call ahead/apologise if you are running late), dress smartly and do your best to answer interview questions thoughtfully.


In the London office, when I was working as a consultant, I remember a lady who arrived 10 minutes late for her registration interview (and made no apology for it). She was dressed very casually in jeans, responded to text messages during our meeting and even put her feet up on the desk! She then proceeded to tell me that what she was really looking for was a job in a private school! At this point, I was hesitant to place her in a job in any school… let alone a high achieving fee paying school, where they often have very high expectations of staff (not that maintained schools don’t too). Needless to say, I felt that I needed to give some fairly in-depth feedback to this candidate before I felt that I could send her for an interview in a school.


Remember, your consultant is essentially the gate-keeper who decides which schools you will be suitable to work in. You need to make the very best impression on them possible!


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