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Do you want to learn about how to de-escalate challenging situations in schools? Do you ever find yourself lacking confidence if you need to physically intervene in a confrontation with a student? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, Team Teach training could be an excellent option for you.

Team Teach is an excellent course for those working with individuals who exhibit difficult or confrontational behaviour. Credit Flickr cc

Axcis are running courses during the summer half term break in London and Birmingham. The training will take place on the 27th and 28th May in Ealing and the 28th and 29th May in Birmingham. This is a two day course and places are very limited, so if you are keen to find out more, contact Axcis London Office now on 0800 107 9900 or the Midlands on 0121 647 7386. We regret that places on Team Teach courses are only available to candidates who are registered with Axcis to look for work, or currently in a placement working for us.


What is Team Teach?


Team Teach is a training course which explores the verbal and non-verbal aspects of behaviour management. The course explains what is meant by terms like “reasonable force” and when it is appropriate to use physical intervention. In addition to this, delegates are trained how to use restraint techniques. It should be made clear that this is considered a last-resort and the Team Teach course aims to give candidates a tool kit of strategies and techniques they can use before force should ever be considered. Team Teach aims to actually REDUCE the overall need for restraint or use of force in schools – not to promote it.



Why does Axcis offer Team Teach training? 


We are often contacted by schools who require Team Teach trained staff. This is because in many SEND schools, it is an unfortunate reality that advanced behaviour management training, and very occasionally restraint training can be required. We want our staff to be able to do this in a consistent, safe manner as is reflected by the schools we work with. Team Teach can be an expensive course to attend (up to £200 for the two days depending on the provider). This can be prohibitive for teachers and teaching assistants due to the cost, but also the term-time days on which many training courses are run. At Axcis, we regularly offer the course for as little as £45 (we simply aim to cover the cost of the venue and training materials) and in school holidays. Training is usually run at our client schools, which can be a huge benefit to those who have worked there as they already know their way around (as well as how to get there!) It should be noted that once you receive Team Teach training, the certificate awarded is only valid for 2 years. After that you must undertake a refresher in order to continue using the techniques you learn.


Is this course right for me?


At Axcis, we pride ourselves on offering high quality, relevant training which will genuinely enhance your employment prospects. We run numerous Team Teach courses throughout the year as part of our candidate CPD training programme. To be considered for a place, you should be registered with Axcis (or about to register) and want to work in a long-term supply position at a school where these techniques will be necessary.  This generally means you must have an interest in working with students who are likely to exhibit challenging or confrontational behaviour, potentially escalating to a need to physically intervene. Your consultant can advise you on whether they feel the course will benefit you or not if you are not sure whether it’s right for your own personal CPD pathway.


Our last Team Teach course was a huge success!

Our last Team Teach course was a huge success!


What do other people have to say about Team Teach training with Axcis?


“I am so glad I decided to attend the Team Teach training Axcis offered me. My consultant told me that this course would be a huge benefit to me and would help me find work, but I must admit I was a bit apprehensive as I didn’t really want to spend any money on training at that time. However, I found that having the training meant that I got offered much more work and the course soon paid for itself. Having the Team Teach training has given me the confidence to work with students I would have previously found intimidating and to restrain if I absolutely need to with the knowledge I am doing so safely. Thank you so much Axcis for giving me this professional development. I am so pleased I decided to do the Team Teach course with you!” Sally Wineman, Teaching Assistant for Axcis


What other training does Axcis offer for candidates? 


At Axcis, we offer a range of training for our candidates – here is a list of our current CPD opportunities. However, we are always looking to expand the range of training we offer, so keep an eye on your emails, our website and our social media pages for updates on new courses being offered.

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