Are you missing out on your £2K allowance? SEND parents read on…

Do you employ a nanny or a care/support worker for your SEND child? You could be missing out on a £2,000 claim against National Insurance Payments.

If you employ a nanny or carer for your SEND child, you could be entitled to a £2K allowance. Credit Flickr cc

In 2014, the Government announced a new scheme to allow certain employers to forego the first £2k of Employers National Insurance contributions with the aim to benefit many of the UK’s small employers.   As it stands, nanny and domestic employers are not eligible to benefit from the scheme, however you can claim if you are hiring a nanny to help with caring for a disabled child or you employ a care or support worker, either for yourself or another person.


The scheme came into effect on Sunday 6th April 2015 and means that if eligible you can reduce your Employer National Insurance Contributions bill by up to £2000 a year, depending on how much Employer NI Contributions you pay. The Employment Allowance is not a grant: it works by reducing the amount of employer NI Contributions you need to pay.   You can find full details of the allowance in the following government link

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