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As graduation season approaches, students all over the country turn their thoughts to finding work. But with national press telling us there are no graduate jobs and hundreds of applicants fighting for every position, what are the options for this years graduates? 


Are you a talented graduate? Axcis would like to hear from you! Photo Credit.

Are you a talented graduate? Axcis would like to hear from you! Photo Credit.

Last week, I wrote about a lack of applicants to our Graduate Recruitment Jobs. During my research, I found out that graduate vacancies have increased year on year (for the last few years at least), and about 60% of graduating students have actually secured a role months before they finish university. It seems that the smart cookies out there know the game is getting harder and have stepped up their job seeking efforts to match.


That’s not to say that there aren’t still plenty of great graduates out there. At Axcis, we have recruitment positions available for those who fancy a stab at a career which offers variety, great pay and benefits and the opportunity for a career path with the potential of outstanding progression (I personally went from Graduate Consultant, to Consultant, Senior Consultant, Executive Consultant, Executive Manager, Training and HR Executive and now Media Manager – in a decade-long career with Axcis that was only ever intended to be “a couple of years in recruitment to get the money for a deposit on a house!” If you’re interested in our graduate positions for Consultants, get applying NOW for our 2015 positions in London.



Teaching Assistant Positions


Recruitment isn’t for everyone. But it’s not the only opportunity we have at Axcis for graduates. We span the country

Working with children can be a great career-starter for graduates

Working with children can be a great career-starter for graduates, Credit Flickr

and have jobs available in more corners of the UK than you might imagine. With offices in London, Bristol, Birmingham, South Wales and Liverpool, we have pretty much the entire country covered. Perhaps you are a graduate who wants a year of casual work while you consider what to do next? Or maybe you’re considering teacher training, but want to gain some experience in the classroom first? School work experience placements can be hard to find – schools get asked all the time! So why not let Axcis do the leg work for you, AND find you a placement that will PAY! Why do voluntary work when you can do the real thing?


At Axcis, we can offer graduates the opportunity to work as teaching assistants in a range of settings, from mainstream primary and secondary schools to specialist behaviour units and special schools catering for a range of different needs. We often find that even with limited experience, graduates often get fantastic feedback from the schools we work with and go on to consider a career in education. Our contracts can be as flexible as offering you the odd day when you want to pick up extra work, to full-time, long-term contracts which may even become permanent jobs. Schools even offer some of our graduate TAs the opportunity to do teacher training in their school and get paid while they learn on the job.



Teaching and Therapy Positions


Newly Qualified Teacher Jobs, Speech and Language Therapy Jobs and Occupational Therapy Jobs come up frequently at the schools we work with at Axcis and across the country there is always a strong demand for candidates from these disciplines who are keen to gain further experience or accreditation. So if you’ve not found that elusive first placement post-training, why not consider working with a specialist special needs agency? We can offer flexible short-term contracts or committed long-term positions with the potential of a permanent job for candidates who really excel.


How to register with Axcis


Registration is completely free of charge and takes just 10 minutes to complete step one on our website. After this, your local office will contact you to discuss the next step further. If you like the sound of us and we feel we can help you, the next (and final step) is to come to the office for a bit of form-filling and document-checking. In under an hour you could be work-ready and being offered your first placement! 


So, what do you have to lose? Register now, or check out our current list of vacancies to see the jobs we have on offer today. Our Twitter Jobs Feed also keeps followers right up to date with every new position we advertise, so follow us now and be the first to hear about that perfect role for you – before it’s filled by someone else!

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