Monday Morning Makaton with Martin

Today, Axcis London enjoyed some Monday Morning Makaton with Martin (or MMMM!) In a bid to get everyone’s brain warmed up for the week ahead, our resident Makaton expert, Martin got the team involved in learning some basic signs.


At Axcis our specialist area is recruiting staff for special needs schools. We are often asked for teachers and teaching assistants who can use Makaton to support non-verbal students. Well Martin was one of them! He joined us in the London office after a stint working in SEND schools as a teaching assistant for Axcis, so has the knowledge and skills on the ground which help him to select appropriate staff for some of the schools we work with. One of his core skills is his ability to use Makaton, so he thought he would help our London team to wake up their brains for the day by teaching them a few signs. Today, they learned how to say “hello” and “good morning”.


Axcis London enjoyed a Makaton lesson this morning

Axcis London enjoyed a Makaton lesson this morning


At Axcis, we always try to recruit consultants who have relevant experience in the classroom. Many of our staff have been teachers, teaching assistants or school leaders, either in SEND or mainstream settings. This puts our consultants in a fantastic position to understand the needs of the schools they work with, and to ultimately select fantastic teachers and teaching assistants to step in and help when supply staff are needed. If you need to recruit Makaton trained support staff or teachers, get in touch now to see who we have available for work.

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