Axcis Tip of the Week: Help us to sort outstanding paperwork to get work faster

Gurpreet’s Tip: Help us get you cleared for work!


Gurpreet Raja, Consultant in our London office

Gurpreet Raja, Consultant in our London office

This week, our weekly tip comes from Gurpreet. Gurpreet is a Consultant for Axcis and works in the London office. This means she meets lots of candidates, talks to lots of new clients and has a very fast-paced desk. New jobs can be filled in a matter of minutes so being ready for work is of the utmost importance. Her tip is to do your best to help if your registration is delayed due to paperwork.  


At Axcis, we have a brilliant internal vetting team who work extremely hard along with the consultants to chase up any outstanding paperwork when candidates register with us for work. However, we often find that references can delay the process. Either not having reference details, or struggling to get a reply from your referees can cause huge delays in offering you work.


We find that the candidates who get offers of work the most quickly are often those who are also proactive with their paperwork. They understand that our team may have hundreds of references to chase so can’t spend excessive amounts of time on any one candidate – that just wouldn’t be fair. This is where an extra nudge from you can make a real difference. A simple call or email to ask your referees to respond to us can get them back in a day rather than a week – and can mean the difference in you being offered a fantastic job over another candidate who is registered with Axcis.


So, help us to help you! If you know your consultant can’t offer you work due to outstanding paperwork, we are always grateful if you can lend a helping hand.

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