Axcis Tip of the Week: Build rapport when at work

Amelia’s Tip: Build Rapport with your School


Amelia is an Account Manager in the Axcis London office

Amelia is an Account Manager in the Axcis London office

This week, our weekly tip comes from Amelia. Amelia is an account manager in the London office. This means she looks after some of our busiest schools and often has work available in the mornings and evenings.


Amelia’s tip is all about building rapport with the schools we send you to. We all know first impressions last, so make one you’ll be proud of. Be on time, smile and introduce yourself when you arrive at school. If you run late be sure to apologise profusely – even if it’s not your fault!


At the end of the school day, pop into reception and thank everyone. If you had a good day and would like more work at the school, tell them! Everyone loves positive feedback so tell them what a great school it is, how much you enjoyed your day and what days you would be free that week (and the next!) You never know, they might just book you for more work there and then. Feel free to accept the booking and just keep your consultant in the loop so they know how many days to expect on your timesheet and don’t call you for work if you’re already busy.


Even if they don’t book you for more work there and then, being polite and building rapport will increase your chances of being remembered and asked back for more work in future.


Keep your ears open when you’re at work. If you hear your department talking about a potential long-term assignment – and you’d like to be considered – let your consultant know. We can work away in the background and fight your corner. After all – that’s what we are paid to do!


Great tip Amelia! Thanks for sharing.



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