Team Teach Training

Team Teach – invaluable training resource from Axcis TEAM Teach, accredited by BILD (British Institute of Learning Disabilities), is a fantastic course for dealing with behaviours that challenge.


Axcis Education is proud to run Team Teach courses in-house. We have been doing this for over five years. Not only do we run it for our candidates regularly, but we run the training to an extremely high standard. Our course promotes risk and restraint reduction, which means that our staff have the tools to deal with young people who have challenging behaviours.


The feedback from our candidates has been superb. They say that it instills the self confidence necessary to effectively deal with a child who is at crisis point in the safest way possible. Not only is there a layer of security, but they will also have the tools to de-escalate behaviour before considering using a restraint on a child.


Axcis recognise the importance of follow-through after an incident and Team Teach offers the tools for our candidates to enhance relationships with young people, creating a caring and nurturing environment. The course runs on a reduced rate for candidates, and our schools have been thrilled with the results shown by those who have undertaken the two day training.


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Axcis is a recruitment company based in the UK. We place teachers and teaching assistants primarily in special education and disabilities (SEND) jobs.

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